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Windows Server 2008 - 10 Device CALs

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BrandMicrosoft Client Access Licenses10 CALs

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  • Windows Server 2008 - Device CALs activation License Keycode is a lifetime valid license
  • Complete program of Windows Server 2008 - Device CALs in both 32/64 bit versions
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Windows Server 2008 - 10 Device CALs + Windows Server 2008 Standard

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Office 2019 + Windows 10
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Boost efficiency with Windows Server 2008 - Device CALs!

Microsoft has introduced its most powerful centralized application platform to date, with an astounding array of new capabilities in professional products that improve the administrator and user experience substantially. The best place to get Windows Server 2008 - Device CALs and easily license up to devices with multiple packages at a low price is Order the appropriate Device CALs bundle and do more with your server.

Windows Server 2008 - Device CALs

Learn more about Windows Server 2008 - Device CALs

Microsoft has developed a server operating system that satisfies the needs of small or large businesses in terms of managing and providing data and services, as well as device access licensing. The solid server architecture also gives developers a solid basis on which to build a variety of web-based services. To use all functions as a user, you'll need to require device access licenses. Device CALs for Windows Server 2008 may be found from The new Server 2008 Cals services features provide a significant improvement in functionality, speed, and user experience.

Scalable devices

Because the number of related CALs is scalable, you just need to acquire as many as your devices require. The amount of devices that can connect to your server is entirely up to you.

Scalable devices

Increased security

When many users operate from the same device, this license is ideal. Microsoft assures you of increased security. You can now access your Server 2008 in utmost security from any number of devices.

Get User Cals, and save more!

Powerful service

Server 2008 Cals services now allow users to access individual applications from a single location without having to create several identities. Organizations may give per-device access to centralized programs, desktops, and other resources in a more secure manner. This simplifies the process of granting devices, partners, or customers safe remote access to programs and data.

Powerful service



General Information

Client Access Licenses:
10 CALs