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The Reward Program

Our main goal is to: Accumulate Reward points for your loyalty to our website and save money for your next order.

Know more about Points Program:

Know more about Points Program

How can I get my Reward points?

Getting Reward Points is automatic and immediate right after your registration and the process of your order. Please note that this offer is valid for our customers and not for guests. Go now and register as a client. Please click here to do the registration

How can I get my Reward points?

Purchase value Reward points

For further explanation of the bonus procedure

Purchase amount Bonus points Bonus amount in (Dollar)
100 100 5
200 200 10
1000 1000 50
10000 10000 500

As the table shows, the bonus points always depend on the purchase amount.

When you purchase an amount with 100 dollars you will get 100 bonus points equals 5 dollars for your next purchase. You can conclude from the table that the more the amount gets interesting the more bonus points get higher.

* 1000 =1000 points = 5 %

Benefits of our Reward points


01. Rapid rewards when purchasing

Indeed, with every purchase, you are going to accumulate Reward points, for example, if you buy an amount of 100 dollars, you will receive 100 reward points and get 5 dollars in parallel.


02. Save your money

You can use your Reward Points on your next purchase to save money. However, you can only use the bonus points program only if you have a customer account. Click here to create your customer account:


03. Additional bonus points

You can earn new reward points after each payment you make, which you can use on the next purchase or at a later date. Depending on your needs, you can use the reward points to acquire an item of your choice