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About us

Our goal is to give our customers all over the world the best technological solutions. As a result, we built our own websites to better serve our customers no matter where they are, and we worked to improve our services to better accommodate them at any time.

As software resellers, we offer a wide selection of digital software, including operating systems, office suites, antivirus, graphics software and other popular applications. What's more, we offer IT solutions for every type of business. Indeed, our aim is to respond effectively to the varied needs of our customers.

We also take on special orders and provide customized products just for you. For your convenience, we have multilingual experts available to assist you with selecting the software that best suits your requirements and to walk you through any issues you encounter.

You will always be able to find your answers, regardless of the language you speak.


We put in a lot of effort over these 13 years to expand and improve our services while keeping costs low for our customers.

We were among the first to move away from the time-consuming, effort-intensive delivery of physical CDs, and instead sent you a download link for your software by e-mail, avoiding any negative impact on the environment from storage and shipping. We have also switched from manual order processing to an automated system that delivers orders automatically, saving our customers time and effort.


The broadening scope of our reach

About Us

We're a team of experts in different fields ready to help with anything.

Support department
Provides assistance and guidance before and after the purchase to ensure an informed choice
Development department
Creates applications and modules that satisfy all requirements while also being easy to use
Marketing department
In charge of advertising, referencing and formulating marketing plans that will definitely impress
Design department
Develops graphics and layouts for our websites to make navigation easy
Finance department
In charge of all financial needs and payments in order to provide accurate billing
HR department
Maximizes the productivity of our employees to meet customer needs

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We get great feedback from our customers because of the hard work of our talented teams.

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