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Windows Vista Professional

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Windows Vista is available here at the most affordable price

You can get Windows Vista at the best price here. In order to specifically meet the needs of some professional users, Windows Vista Pro was created. Because it is so old, it is among the rarest products on the market. once again provides you with a wide selection of goods to meet your needs.

Windows Vista Pro

Benefit from Windows Vista Pro's unique features

In addition to parental control tools, a potent fast search application, and Internet Explorer 7 for web browsing, Windows Vista Pro offers you the strengthened security of a firewall integrated with the anti-virus software Windows Defender. The software includes the Windows Meeting Space for document sharing and group collaboration, the Windows Aero Desk with Flip 3D navigation, and support for portable PC tablets. Additionally, Windows Vista Professional includes advanced backup, business network, and remote office functionality.Professional users that require advanced network features will find this software to be a great operating system. The instantaneous search box is a feature of the Vista Pro edition that enables quick searches of your computer's contents and is best found in the menu Demarrer. A good tool for quickly locating a document based on a keyword, phrase, property, or file name is instantaneous search. It provides you with parental control tools, a highly effective instant search engine, enhanced security via a built-in firewall with the anti-virus software Windows Defender, and Internet Explorer 7 for web browsing.

Aero with 3D flip

Windows Vista Professional includes the Aero user interface. This theme has a striking visual design on Windows that uses blended alpha and transparency. Additionally, Aero provides scaled-down taskbars that let you see a window's contents before they show on your screen. When you hit Alt + Tab when a window is open, these thumbnails show up. Flip 3D, which Aero offers, enables you to pick which windows to open and provides a simple 3D interface for navigating open windows.

Aero with 3D flip

Tools for backup and diagnosis

Data backup and hardware diagnostic tools are also accessible in Windows Vista Pro. The fact that this operating system has fixes for numerous current blocks and vulnerabilities makes it more dependable than Windows XP. It has self-executing diagnostics that can assist you in locating and fixing a number of typical error issues. Windows Vista Pro now provides a boot repair mode to assist you in getting a machine up and running in the event that it is unable to boot.

Tools for backup and diagnosis

Antivirus security and Windows Defender

You have Windows Defender to defend your computer from viruses, spyware, and other dangers. Spyware typically results in pop-up advertisements, spam, and other issues on your computer. A firewall that is part of Windows Vista Pro guards your computer from dangerous Internet threats.

Antivirus security and Windows Defender