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Windows Server 2016 - Device CALs

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Highly versatile solution for your business

The Microsoft Windows Server 2016- DEVICE CAL allows a single device to access the windows server 2016. This model is suitable for companies with multiple users for one device such as shift workers reducing the complexity and cost of network infrastructure.

Download Windows Server 2019 - Device CALs

Learn more about WINDOWS SERVER 2016 - DEVICE CAL

The Windows Server 2016 – DEVICE CAL has some innovated features that are being introduced offering a secure virtual environment with advanced built-in security, Azure inspired infrastructure and hybrid application platform.

Hyper- V Manager improvements

Microsoft Hyper V technology has been enhanced majorly by introducing new and altered features including Alternate credentials support, making it even easier to sign in. Hyper- V has also been updated to communicate with remote Hyper-V hosts using web service management.

Hyper- V Manager improvements

Shielded VMS

Many organizations including hosting providers need a new way to secure VMs which is what Shielded VM provides. Most often, administrators need protection from Phishing attacks, stolen administrators credentials and insider attacks. Shielded VMs is a powerful security tool that protects data against theft and inspection using the VM worker process (VMWP) and the bit locker encrypted drivers.

Shielded VMS

Nano Server

Nano Server is a new, small-footprint with headless installation option for Windows Server 2016. This amazing design is ideal for Container Host, computer host for Hyper-V or part of a Windows failover cluster and storage host for scale-out file server (SOFS).

Nano Server



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