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Windows Server 2012 - Device CALs

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BrandMicrosoft Client Access Licenses1 CAL


Windows Server 2012 - Device CAL is the best choice for Professionals

Windows server 2012 is the tenth and latest release of operating systems made by Microsoft. The 1 Device CAL version is ideal for small companies with multiple employees who use the same device. Therefore, providing easier and faster access to a larger and unified database.

Download Windows Server 2019 - Device CALs

What are the advantages of Windows Server 2012 - Device CAL features for your business?

The 1 Device CAL is used in conjunction with Windows Server 2012 software licenses to grant access the Windows Server’s users. CAL are required for all devices to have direct access to datacenter. The 1 DEVICE CAL Windows server 2012 is a meticulous design that helps companies maximize their revenues by relying on sharing and accumulating information that are accessible for all employees on a single device.

Advanced Server Manager

This option enables companies to create and manage server groups and create a group of database servers, which would help employees who seek specific information to access and benefit from this advanced technology provided by the Windows Server 2012.

Advanced Server Manager

The OS Core enhancements

In this edition of Windows Server 2012 Microsoft has stripped out the graphical user interface from the server operating system. Making it only possible to use it from a command line or from a PowerShell prompt. This is great for decreasing the resource consumption, reducing attack surface and energy requirements. Indeed, this option requires less RAM and Graphical power.

The OS Core enhancements


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