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Windows 10 S

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After a successful purchase, you will immediately receive :

  • Windows 10 S activation License Keycode is a lifetime valid license
  • Complete program of Windows 10 S in both 32/64 bit versions
  • Guides and instructions to activate your Product
  • 7/7 Free Customer care support

Note: This product is not compatible with Chromebooks


Download and activate Windows 10 S for a more effective Operating System

Windows 10 S with its S mode is built to operate lighter with ease of service. Windows 10 S is available on our digitalproductkey website.

Windows 10 S

Install and activate Windows 10 S and enjoy all the great Windows multitasking features

Windows 10 S is optimized for educational devices. The Windows 10 S model encrypts your hard disk for improved security. Windows 10 S allows you to install apps from the Microsoft Store only, and you can just surf the web with Microsoft Edge.

Great performance

Windows 10 S has great results due to its limitations. Windows 10 S with S-mode included has minimal hardware configurations. It's a specific operating system that mostly limits Windows 10 in several ways to make it run faster. Windows 10 S provides better battery life and is much more secure and easy to handle.

Great performance

Keep your data safe

Windows 10 S requires you to install only approved software from the Microsoft Store. Its restriction in Windows 10 S protects your computer from ransomware, enhances the protection of your OS and your personal data because it guarantees a certain degree of software quality. Windows 10 S is dangerous in corporate environments and schools as it is embedded in the undesired installation of malware on the device.

Keep your data safe

Quicker operating system

Startup times and task operations are now quicker on Windows 10 S, since there are no Windows applications to slow down the system. Windows 10 S doesn't use too much of the RAM. For Windows 10 S, you could save your files to the cloud or via OneDrive. Windows 10 S is quite close to how Chrome operates on Chromebooks. This function allows pinch space on smaller hard disks. Windows 10 S provides common Windows features such as Cortana, face recognition, and Windows Ink.

Quicker operating system