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Windows 10 Pro N

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Download Windows 10 Pro N software for optimal working tools

Windows 10 Pro N is downloadable from our online shop Digitalproductkey. You can now buy it with the cheapest price in the market. Other versions of Windows 10 are also available on our website such as the Windows 10 Home N.

Télécharger Windows 10 Home

Install and activate Windows 10 Pro N

Windows 10 Pro N is a Microsoft Operating System developed for business and corporate users. Install Windows 10 Pro N and get the best conditions that a professional user needs. In addition to standard devices, such as computers, Windows 10 Pro N also operates on tablets. After downloading Windows 10 Pro N, you can access your open tasks in one view and create a virtual desktop to gain space or categorize tasks by project, such as Office applications for optimal work. Basically, Windows 10 Pro N is simply Windows 10 Pro designated to European users without Windows Media Player and related pre-installed technologies including Music, Video, Voice Recorder and Skype.

Easier interface for optimal work

With a comfortable and modern user interface, Windows 10 Pro N has not changed much from the previous late Windows versions like Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N provides its users with a "Business-Function" feature, such as domain membership, group policy management, BitLocker, enterprise mode for Internet Explorer EMIE, virtual desktop, 8.1 shared access and Hyper-V. Luckily older devices can operate as fine with Windows 10 Pro N which decreases reorganization costs for Businesses.

Easier interface for optimal work

Safe interface and protected data

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N also supports FIDO Alliance Standard 2.0 for Internet authentication. In addition, after downloading Windows 10 Pro N you can enjoy the Biometric authentication which is provided to users to login without a password for security measurements. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N also provides Enterprise Data Protection for data management across the entire workplace to minimize risks of data loss for businesses.

Safe interface and protected data

New updates for the desktop area

The boot menu, as in the Home version, has been changed in Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N. It now provides users with a board area that can be organized individually with different functions. The Windows 10 Pro N desktop also has a new feature which is the ability to create multiple virtual desktop devices for different applications. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N also provides access to the Store-Business.

New updates for the desktop area