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Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise

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The most performing software that is created for enterprise application development

Have it all with Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise; quality, effectiveness and scalability

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Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise full set of features

Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise will assist your team to deal with the high demands in terms of high availability, performance, scalability and complexity. Advanced tools and all the necessary software, services and resources are included within this powerful software in order to enhance productivity and to design great applications and complex business solution for enterprises of today.

Enhanced productivity

Witness the most productive work environment with Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise that allows teams to work efficiently whatever their role is, and to easily participate in big projects. Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise different tools and services that are optimized for the big projects, facilitates work mana

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Manage complexity on different scales

Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 allows the increase of output frequency and quality software. Management of versions and automation of Processes helps to avoid the risks and the uncertainties related to the launch of software an enable agile organizations to add value in a way that is fluid and continuous.


Tools and services

Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise helps to adapt to enterprises, to manage complexity, to provide strong solutions that are optimized for enterprises that are more than ready to confront any challenges faced and finally to simplify the integration between development teams.

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