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ViaCAD 12 Professional

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Discover the Future of Design with ViaCAD 12 Professional!

Explore new creative dimensions with ViaCAD 12 Professional, the ultimate design and modeling solution. Whether you're a budding architect, a seasoned engineer or a design enthusiast, ViaCAD 12 Professional pushes the boundaries of your imagination. Create exceptional projects thanks to advanced functionalities and unrivalled user-friendliness.


Revolutionize your design process and create captivating projects

With ViaCAD 12 Professional, innovation is at your fingertips. Designed to meet the needs of demanding professionals, this versatile design software offers a powerful platform for realizing your most ambitious ideas. Thanks to an intuitive interface and cutting-edge tools, you can conceptualize, model and visualize your projects with ease. Whether you're working on architectural creations, mechanical prototypes or artistic designs, ViaCAD 12 Professional lets you turn your concepts into reality with precision and efficiency.

Precise 2D and 3D modeling

ViaCAD 12 Professional offers powerful tools for accurate 2D and 3D modeling. Create detailed 2D drawings with lines, curves and annotations. Move on to 3D modeling to create complex objects with advanced features such as Boolean operations, extrusions and revolutions. Add textures, materials and lighting to bring your models to life.

Precise 2D and 3D modeling

Simulation and analysis

ViaCAD 12 Professional lets you run advanced simulations and analyses to check the functionality of your models. Test assemblies, perform stress analysis and simulate movements to optimize your designs. Get detailed reports to assess the performance and strength of your structures.

Simulation and analysis

Collaboration and file sharing

ViaCAD 12 Professional facilitates collaboration by allowing you to share your design files with other professionals. Import and export files in different formats such as DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES and more. Work in teams and exchange ideas seamlessly, thanks to compatibility with popular design software.

Collaboration and file sharing