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ViaCAD 12 2D

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Elevate Your Design with ViaCAD 12 2D!

Are you ready to take your creativity and ideas to the next level? With ViaCAD 12 2D, you have a powerful and intuitive tool to bring your designs to life. This state-of-the-art software gives you a wide range of features to draw accurately and efficiently. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, ViaCAD 12 2D is here to help you realize your visions with ease and precision.


Your Precision Design Platform

ViaCAD 12 2D was designed with you and your design needs in mind. This software gives you a flexible and intuitive environment in which you can create detailed drawings with extreme precision. With a wide range of tools at your disposal, you can create sketches, technical diagrams and illustrations with ease. Its intuitive interface will guide you through each step, allowing you to focus on your creativity without having to overcome technical obstacles.

Advanced Drawing Tools

ViaCAD 12 2D offers a wide range of drawing tools that allow you to create complex and detailed shapes with ease. From creating precise lines to adding smooth curves, you'll have complete control over your design. You'll also take advantage of features such as mirroring and constraint assignment to make your drawing process even more efficient.

Advanced Drawing Tools

Intuitive Editing

With ViaCAD 12 2D, editing your drawings is a breeze. Take advantage of advanced editing tools to move, resize, rotate, and transform elements of your drawing. In addition, the change history feature allows you to explore different iterations of your design, ensuring informed decision making.

Intuitive Editing

Efficient BackuExport and Share

Once you have completed your drawing in ViaCAD 12 2D, you can export it to various formats, including PDF, DWG and DXF. This allows you to easily share your designs with colleagues, clients and collaborators. In addition, compatibility with popular design software gives you the flexibility to work in teams without compatibility issues.

Export and Share