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Office Standard 2016

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Enjoy easier collaborations and sharing

Get acquainted with Office Standard 2016 that is intended for small businesses and Home users

office standard 2016

What can Office Standard 2016 do for you?

TIf you would like to produce simple documents, spreadsheets and presentations of high quality, Office Standard 2016 is the one for you. The standard version of Office 2016 will help you in creating, communicating, publishing professional documents with the help of its great features and its modernized look. You will be able also to save your documents in the cloud so that you can access them whenever you want and anywhere you are. The Office 2016 Standard applications are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher. All these Office applications are what you need to get things done quickly. If you are a home user or if you are running a small business, you might want to have this version of Office Standar

Excel Standard 2016

Discover the new feature of Excel 2016 which is the Power Query that allow you to pull data from several sources such as websites, SQL and other databases for analysis purposes. In Excel 2016, there are also several types of charting options like histograms for frequency, box and Whisker charts for statistical analysis, sunburst charts for showing levels of hierarchy and many other types of charting options.

Excel Standard 2016

Outlook Standard 2016

Clutter is a new feature in Outlook 2016. You will be able with its help to manage your email overloads and make your inbox look more organized and less cluttered. You will be able also with Outlook 2016 to collaborate with work groups, you can set up work groups where you will be able to share conversations, files and calendars. You can choose whether you want your group members to get your messages in their inboxes or in a group inbox.

Outlook Standard 2016

PowerPoint Standard 2016

Enjoy the new themes of PowerPoint 2016 that Microsoft have added including the black coloured theme. Smart Lookup is another new feature in PowerPoint 2016 which will allow you to make quick searches from inside PowerPoint 2016. You have only to place the cursor of your mouse on any word or sentence then to right click then to choose Smart Lookup option from the dropdown list.

PowerPoint Standard 2016