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McAfee Total Protection + VPN 2024-2025

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Total protection: safety for all the family

McAfee Total Protection + VPN is the ultimate solution for comprehensive protection for all your devices, no matter how you are connected.

McAfee Total Protection + VPN

What's new in McAfee Total Protection + VPN?

McAfee Total Protection + VPN provides comprehensive protection for all your devices against all internet threats, including the most advanced, so you're always safe when using the internet for online payments, online shopping, browsing or social networking. A data encryption system is activated each time you use online banking service. Using online banking with the anti-phishing filter stops hackers from accessing personal data. Robust 255 character passphrases are created for ultimate security. Mcafee Total Protection is a complete, rapid and safe solution that guarantees permanent real-time protection of your computer.

An antivirus, a blocker and a shredder

McAfee Total Protection + VPN can block malware and malicious downloads, and it scans your computer or mobile device for viruses and malware. Once the undesirable software is located, the program will quarantine and eliminate it right away, or request your permission to delete it if there is any doubt about the suspicious program's use, location or reputation.

An antivirus, a blocker and a shredder

Intelligent parental control

Protect your family and kids online with parental controls. Block or allow websites based on your child's age. Customize search engine safety filters to automatically filter out inappropriate content. Find out who is visiting blocked websites or who is online outside of set hours.

Intelligent parental control

Anti-spam Protection

Automatically detect emails that attempt to expose users to malware or trick users into sharing data. It prevents spyware from infecting your device and trying to share your data with third parties. Keep unwanted emails out of your inbox.

Anti-spam Protection