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Kaspersky Password Manager 2024-2025

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Would you like to take a secure digital private safe and access it with a single click from all your devices? Kaspersky Password Manager is here

These days, customers are looking for more convenient, secure and above all effective password security software. Kaspersky offers a password manager edition that stores your passwords and documents.


What are the benefits of Kaspersky Password Manager?

passwords and documents should always be to hand. That's why Kaspersky Password Manager stores your passwords and documents in a private, secure digital safe. This security software is very practical. It organizes your data so it's ready when you need it, and it's secure by creating unique passwords for your accounts, storing them in an encrypted safe and monitoring password security in real time. It's also efficient, saving you time with technology that automatically fills in your login credentials and automatically completes online forms.


Kaspersky Password Manager's AutoFill feature automatically fills login fields and online forms with information such as e-mail addresses and credit card details. It also automatically fills in your login details on websites and in applications so you don't have to remember them. When you enter your credit card details in one click at checkout, and be warned if the site you're using isn't trustworthy. You can improve your online shopping experience by automatically entering your delivery address when prompted.


Password security

This feature lets you generate super-strong, unique passwords for all your different online accounts, with the password generator giving you permission to create passwords when registering new accounts - or to replace weak passwords on existing accounts. In addition, this software lets you check your passwords, warning you when you're using weak or duplicate passwords and prompting you to generate new ones. * It also features a leak detection function, alerting you if your passwords have been leaked online, so you can take appropriate action.

Password security

Management tools

Kaspersky Password Manager gives you a better management tool that makes it easier to tag, organize and find your information across all your devices, keeping your data organized, sorting your data into folders so you can easily find what you need. What's more, you can add key passwords and documents to favorites, import passwords into the application all at once, or save them one by one as you use them. And you have the advantage of being able to find documents on your devices using AI technology, and add them to your safe with just a few clicks.

Management tools


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