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Kaspersky Internet Security 2024-2025

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Get the most user-friendly and reliable antivirus!

Strengthen your antivirus protection and download Kaspersky Internet Security. It provides absolute protection for your PC, Mac and Android devices. Don't waste time and enjoy the benefits of Kaspersky Internet Security and unlock its features.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Order Kaspersky Internet Security for your own security

Kaspersky Internet Security protects you from malware, webcam spying, financial scammers and other threats, no matter what you do online or how many risky websites you use. Install the best online virus protection for the best web browsing experience.

Privacy & Identity Protection

If unauthorized programs attempt to access your PC or Mac's camera or microphone, or if spyware is detected on your Android device that can track your calls, messages and location, you will receive an alert because Kaspersky Internet Security prevents tracking devices from accessing your computers, so your online activities cannot be tracked or collected.

Privacy & Identity Protection

Advanced technology to keep your money safe

Kaspersky's proprietary Secure Money technology provides a secure browser when shopping or banking online, protecting your credit card data, online accounts and financial transactions whether you're using a PC or Mac. Once you open Kaspersky Secure Browser, your passwords, bookmarks and settings are preserved no matter which browser you use - Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Advanced technology to keep your money safe

Fast, powerful and efficient

The latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2023-2024 installs in half the time. In addition, it is now 15% lighter, which reduces the load on your computer. The system requirements will never prevent you from protecting your device, as the software is compatible with obsolete devices. Moreover, it operates in the background, continuously scanning for threats. This ensures reliable protection that won't get in the way. The new intuitive control panel gives you simple and easy access to all functions.

Fast, powerful and efficient


1 Year