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G DATA Total Security 2024-2025

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Opt for G DATA Total Security and enjoy the ultimate safety

G DATA Total Security is simply cleverer, faster, and stronger than its competitors. It is an unbeatable Antivirus as it backs your data, grants you access to Usb slots, and boosts your device’s performance.

G DATA Total Security 2023-2024

Install G DATA Total Security and dig into the extra features.

G DATA Total Security is packed with new features and the most frequently-requested functionalities. Thanks to its advanced security measures, it will take your experience to the next level. G Data Total Security will save you time and energy and make you more productive because you will no longer worry about any kind of threat. It is the complete package for all of your needs.


No one wants to lose his data and that is why G DATA Total Security is ready to take on this task by Backing up your data locally on your PC or within the Cloud automatically. With password-protected backups, your information continuously remains ensured. It utilizes Google Drive or Dropbox for your data backup. Therefore no Antivirus deserves your trust like G Data Total Security does.


Access control

One of the key features that highlight the capacity of how much G DATA Total Security can cover your needs is Access control. It indicates who is permitted to use USB sticks, burners, hard drives, and other gadgets on your PC. With Access Control, you can monitor the use of all your USB slots preventing malware from infecting your computer through external storage media.

Access control


The older your device gets the slower it becomes. Also, Too many programs trying to run automatically will eventually slow down your PC. G DATA Total Security deletes outdated cache entries and other ballast, improving the performance of your PC with a few clicks. Making it much faster and snappier. Your Device will be good as new.



1 Year