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Driver Genius 20 Professional

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Driver Genius 20 Pro: Optimize Hardware Performance!

Avanquest Driver Genius 20 Professional is a comprehensive and advanced software solution designed to enhance and streamline the management of drivers on your Windows-based computer system. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Driver Genius 20 Pro offers a convenient and efficient way to ensure your hardware components are operating at their best.


Automatic Driver Detection and Installation:

Driver Genius 20 Pro employs intelligent scanning technology to automatically detect outdated, missing, or incompatible drivers on your system. It then offers the option to update or install the latest versions from a vast online database. This helps optimize hardware performance and ensures stability.

Backup and Restore Drivers:

The software allows you to create backup copies of your existing drivers before making any changes. This precautionary measure ensures that you can easily revert to previous drivers if new installations cause unexpected issues.

Backup and Restore Drivers

Hardware Information and Diagnostics:

Driver Genius 20 Pro provides detailed information about your system's hardware components. This feature assists in diagnosing hardware-related problems and helps you make informed decisions when updating or replacing components.

Hardware Information and Diagnostics

Offline Installation:

Driver Genius 20 Pro provides an offline installation feature, allowing you to install drivers without an active internet connection. This is especially useful for scenarios where internet access is limited.

Offline Installation