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BullGuard Premium Protection 2024-2025

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Get BullGuard Premium Protection and nothing will stand in your way

This is the ultimate package and everything you need in a single software. BullGuard Premium Protection is the complete and absolute protection for your devices as it protects your identity, secure your home network as well as it grants you the opportunity to guard your children from distrustful websites. Set the BullGuard Premium Protection on your device and enjoy the safety you deserve.

Télécharger Windows 10 famille

Install the Best weapon for defeating Cyber Thieves

More than ever BullGuard Premium Protection is the top drawer identity security strengthened with multi-award winning anti-malware, dynamic machine learning, home network scanning, and safe browsing. It offers robust and super tough security that defeats even the most committed cybercriminals. It's the pinnacle of what antivirus can achieve nowadays. Install everything you want in an Antivirus, install BullGuard Premium Protection.

The Ultimate Identity Protection

You want to keep your identity safe? Well, worry no more because Bullguard Premium Protection got you covered. Thanks to its advanced technologies, BullGuard Premium Protection provides enhanced protection for your online identity in addition to securing your physical devices. Also, Including Enhanced support for international phone numbers and bank accounts ensuring the most reliable and accurate surveillance of the dark web..

The Ultimate Identity Protection

Home Network Scanner

Any device on your network is a possible backdoor for hackers to gain access to it and all devices on it. Giving them the ability to ruin your data and access your personal information. Therefore, the Home Network Scanner monitors your network 24/7 and monitors any device on it. These include smart speakers, thermostats, baby monitors, and all other connected devices. When a new gadget is attached, a deep security scan is performed to keep your network secure. The warning feature also alerts you when you connect to an unsafe network.

Home Network Scanner

Parental Controls

You don't know which websites your kids are visiting? BullGuard Parental Controls helps you shield them discreetly. You can restrict links to suspicious websites, set up search filters, limit time spent online, track activity, and even restrict some applications. It keeps the children safe and gives you control over their online future.

Parental Controls


1 Year