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BullGuard Internet Security 2024-2025

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Get the Multi-award winning advanced security

In its fastest and best form yet, BullGuard Internet Security 2024-2025 delivers complete protection for your devices, thanks to a variety of features that include a Game Booster, a security scanner, among other needed functions assuring the ultimate experience while surfing the web.

BullGuard Internet Security

Install the superior protection for your devices

The new and enhanced BullGuard Internet Security 2024-2025 is packed with outstanding and amazing features. New cloud protection technology detects attacks as they arise in real time, Dynamic Machine Learning defends you even when offline, and a custom-built secure browser offers top security and solid defense when shopping and making online payments. Choose the safest option and keep your devices even safer.

Game Booster

Online game hackers are on the rise and someone needs to put a stop to their abuse and experience ruining habits. BullGuard's award-winning Game Booster also features anti-cheat engine compatibility and enhanced support for big online games. There is also Improved support for broadcast during gameplay. guaranteeing an uninterrupted video output for gamers who capture their games.

Game Booster

Vulnerability Scanner

BullGuard Internet Security 2024-2025 Prevents applications that may contain malware from automatically installing and testing the validity of applications and drivers by testing their digital signatures. BullGuard Internet Security alerts you to check missed security updates and alerts you if you've linked to an insecure Wi-Fi network. It has an elegantly simple interface that helps you to spot security problems at a glance that can be handled directly from the interface, such as Windows Updates.

Vulnerability Scanner

A Great Firewall

BullGuard Internet Security 2024-2025’ Firewall provides high-duty layered security that gives you solid protection against viruses and intruders. It blocks unauthorized attempts to connect a computer to the Internet, provides end to end protection before, during, and after applications are downloaded. Completely designed for Windows 10, it monitors security updates to ensure that you always have the latest updates. BullGuard Internet Security 2024-2025 is also programmed to use less processing resources to keep the other apps running smoothly. It's like a virtual moat protecting your computers and keeping marauders in place.

A Great Firewall