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Avast Premium Security 2024-2026

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Secure your devices and get the brand new Avast Premium Security 2024-2026

Avast has been and always will be one of the biggest names in the Antivirus market. Get Avast Premium Security 2024-2026 and enjoy the variety of features it provides and the absolute best security available.

Avast Premium Security

Install the best devices guardian in 2024-2026

Secure your computers and mobile devices from viruses, ransomware, or other malware by downloading and installing Avast Premium Security 2024-2026. This subscription unlocks the premium features of the app and protects up to 10 Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. In addition to scanning your computers for viruses, Premium Security 2024-2026 secures your computers against fake websites, malware attacks, and Wi-Fi bugs, giving you peace of mind when browsing, shopping, and banking online.

Safe Online Banking

Over the years, fake websites have become increasingly sophisticated as a hacker can use DNS spoofing to generate a destructive replication of a legitimate shopping or banking website. The aim is to trick you into entering your credit card details or your banking login data on the fake site. Before you know it, you've handed your confidential information to a stranger. Avast Premium Security 2024-2026 keeps you safe by automatically redirecting you to protected pages, ensuring you never land on a spoofed website.

Safe Online Banking

Hacking Killer

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol is the most powerful vector for remote access attacks. RDP is a useful tool for granting permitted remote access when appropriate, but it can be a breach of attack if not properly used. Avast Premium Security 2024-2026’s Remote Access Shield defends against these attacks in several ways. Most importantly It detects and blocks brute-force attacks by counting unsuccessful login attempts within a given period of time and blocking the IP address associated with those attempts.

Hacking Killer

Up to 10 devices

With avast Premium Security 2024-2026 you can protect every single device you own. it means you can share your security with every one of your devices or everyone closest to you. All you Have to do is buy one subscription.

Up to 10 devices