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AIDA64 Business

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Compatible with : Windows, Windows Server


AIDA64 Business: More business-oriented

AIDA64 Business is made to assist organizations in compiling a list of the hardware and software components installed on Windows client PCs that are linked to their corporate network. It is the crucial tool for managing IT assets in companies.

AIDA64 Business

AIDA64 Business has Several new features

AIDA64 Business Edition collects a detailed hardware and software inventory from Windows client devices connected to the corporate network. It supports SQL databases, command line switches, automatic inventory building, and reports gathered from devices stored in open formats prepared for future management. Additionally, changes between network audit snapshots are captured at various intervals, and the built-in change manager allows for monitoring of these changes. When undesirable behaviors take place, it may immediately alert network managers, and it provides remote device fleet management.

External Display Support

AIDA64 Business can show critical system data on a variety of linked LCD/VFD devices connected to the device. This edition of AIDA64 adds remote monitoring and supports more than 50 LCD and VFD screens.

External Display Support

Remote Functionalities

A network of AIDA64 Business PCs can have its activity and status securely monitored from a distance using the Remote Monitor. With the help of the Remote Control application, it is very simple to take complete control of the remote computer and transfer data safely while carrying out administrative tasks.

Remote Functionalities

The Change Mechanism

The ability to recognize and list changes across network audit snapshots taken at various intervals is one of the application's key features. Real-time alert notifications can be sent by AIDA64 Business in the event of hardware or software changes or issues.

The Change Mechanism