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Windows Server 2016 RDS-1 Device CAL helps you deliver a whole new level of business values in most efficient manners.


What are the advantages of Windows Server 2016 RDS -1 Device CAL features for your business?

Windows Server 2016 RDS – 1 Device CAL presents a new server category offering new features and capabilities for an improved performance compared to its proceeded version. Windows Server 2016 RDS defined as a better option for businesses with employees who need to have accesses to the corporate network using the same device.

Improved GPU features in RDS 

Windows 2016 Server made a significant GPU speed capabilities enhancement which can be utilized by your RDS framework. RemoteFX vGPU include will empowered equipment speeding up in windows virtual machine which can make strides the farther desktop execution and client encounter. The RemoteFX vGPU is fundamentally a virtual GPU connector that would be made accessible inside the virtual machine.

In Memory OLTP

MultiPoint Integration

The Multipoint benefit part is fundamentally a computer program arrangement that can run on a single server and where different clients can get to assets through zero clients associated through USB Center points or through LAN by means of RDP convention in the event that lean or thick client is utilized. The multipoint benefit will depend on a few RDS component such as RD Session Have and RD Authorizing Server. The multipoint benefit foundation dispatch with its claim administration device (Dashboard) in arrange to disentangle administration of the framework.


Remote Credential Guard

Windows 2016 brings modern highlights such as remote Credential Protect an adaptable model of Restrict Admin mode which ensures the accreditations throughout the login to an RDS server.



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