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How to activate a Windows 7 license

RB Rosabella
  1. Introduction

    When you purchase Windows 7 or a new PC with Windows 7, you must activate it with a license key to legitimize the use of Microsoft's operating system. This activation can take place in two different ways: by internet (online) or by telephone.

  2. Steps to to activate a Windows 7 license:

    • Activate Online:

      1. Right-click Computer and choose "Properties."


      2. At the bottom of the window, click on « change product key »


      3. Type your product key that contains the 25 characters and that you have received via email. Click on Next, then choose «Activate Online Now ».


      4. Now you can see that the product key is being verified.


      5. Follow the steps above to successfully activate. Otherwise it is possible to activate your product by telephone.

    • Activation by Phone:

      1. Click Start --->> All Programs >> Accessories --->> System Tools --->> "Enable Windows".


      2. Select use « the automated phone system to activate »


      3. Then you have to select your country and click on next.


      4. A new window appears showing a free phone number that you need to call from your phone.


      5. An ID (identifier) is displayed automatically

      6. Follow the instructions given to you to enter the installation ID.


      7. Enter the Confirmation ID given to you by phone


      Click on next and the activation will be completed successfully

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