How to Install Publisher 2019

  1031 Thursday, November 21, 2019

1. Introduction
2. Steps on how to install Publisher 2019
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Publisher 2019 works only on Windows 10. It allows both beginners and professionals to design and store printing,
product displays, flyers, brochures as well as creative invitation cards.

If you want to install your Publisher 2019 on your computer as an image (ISO) file, you can follow the below steps:

2. Steps to install Publisher 2019

1- Download the ISO file of Publisher

2- Right-click on the ISO file of Publisher 2019 and select « Open with VirtualClone Drive »

3- To get clone drive on your computer just download the software for free from this link then install it on your computer.

           virtual clone drive

4- Click on "Start" in order to launch the installation

          clé windows 10

Please wait a few minutes before the activation windows appears

5- Enter your license key of Publisher 2019 and continue the activation normally.

         microsoft publisher online

There you go! Now you will be able use Publisher 2019 and enjoy its amazing features.

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