How to Rename a USB Key or External Hard Drive

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On Windows, each drive and storage device uses a friendly name that helps you identify it. For example, the drive that contains your Windows operating system is called Local Disk, while a USB drive does not have a name or uses the default name of Removable Disk.

Although Windows sets default names for each drive, you can customize drives from your computer to recognize them more easily. In this tutorial, we will show you how to rename any drive under Windows.

NOTE: The following method renames hard disks, removable hard disks, USB keys, and USB flash drives. They do not work for optical drives such as Blu-ray players or CD / DVD players. All the steps in this guide apply to Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

The steps to follow:

1. Open my computer (named This PC on Windows 8 and 10). 
2. Next, right-click the drive you want to rename and select Properties. For example, if we wanted to rename the "Local Disk (C :)" seen in the image below, we would right-click on the C: drive icon.

3. In the Properties window, on the General tab, type the new name in the Label box, and then click OK. (The Label field is the text field at the top of the General tab.)

4. Then click Apply.

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