How to Quickly Check if Your Computer Can Run a PC Game

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PC games are not as simple as Console Games. If you have a laptop with weak graphics hardware or an old PC, it's important to check if your computer can handle a game before you spend your hard-earned money. 
The good news is that PC gamers do not need to update their hardware as often as before. Even a gaming PC built a few years ago should be able to handle the new games very well. And even then, a newer graphics card could be all you need to upgrade to newer games. Laptops that are not designed for games and older computers are different. 
In this article, we will show you how.

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The steps to follow:

How to check if your computer meets the system requirements of a game 
1. Go to the System Requirements site by opening your browser and typing the address

2. Next, select a game from the drop-down menu, or enter the name of the game in the search bar directly above the list of open games when you click on the drop-down menu.

3. Once you find the game in question, click on it, then click on the blue "Can you execute it" button below.

4. Select the Desktop App option and click Start.

5. Next, download the analysis application.

6. Then, run the application.

7. This application will scan the hardware of your computer before sending you back to the site, setting up a special cookie that identifies your hardware. This way, you will not have to install Java or ActiveX applets.

8. The results page allows you to see how your PC compares to the minimum and recommended game requirements, including your processor, video card, RAM, Windows version and available hard disk space.

In this way, using System Requirements Labs, you can quickly determine whether you can run a particular game or not, eliminating the need for expensive and unnecessary purchases.

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