Set up Standardized Answers in Gmail

  702 Thursday, October 18, 2018

1. Introduction

2. Set up automatic standard answers in Gmail

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There is no reason to write the same email each time when you can simply set up standard answers in Gmail. If you send the same text to the same or even different people, consider using the auto answer feature to send these messages automatically.

The way it works is by setting up a rule in Gmail so that when certain conditions are met (such as when a specific person sends you an e-mail), a message of your choice is automatically sent back to that address; they are called boxed answers.

Set up automatic standard answers in Gmail :

1. Log in to Gmail through your Internet browser.

2. Select the Settings / Gear button from Gmail

3. Click Settings.

1-standard answers in Gmail

4. Go to the "Labs" tab and activate the " Standardized answers "option.

5. Click " Save Changes ".

2-standard answers in Gmail

6. Create the template that you want to use for automatic message answering.

7. Next, click the Show Search Options triangle in the search box at the top of Gmail to select Standardized Responses, New Standardized Response.

3 - standardized answers in Gmail

8. Rename the standardized response template.

4- responses-standardized-in-Gmail

9. Write a new message or reply to an existing message.

Click on the little arrow before and choose Standardized answers, Insert " name of the answer ":

10. Check the box next to the option called Send Standard Response.

11. Open the drop-down menu next to this option and choose the predefined answer to send when the filter criteria are met.

12. Select any other filtering option that you want to apply, such as to ignore the inbox or delete the message.

13. Click Create Filter. The filter will be saved in the Filters and blocked addresses section of Gmail settings.

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