How to change the mouse sensitivity in Windows 10

  941 Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Some people will want to change the sensitivity of the mouse in Windows 10 to make it smoother and faster. The mouse is a key device on your computer. It responds quickly to your actions. Some users prefer to change the sensitivity of the device. So, we will show you some effective ways that can help you change the speed of this device.

How to adjust the mouse sensitivity in Windows 10

Method 1: Use the default settings

1.    Press the Windows + I keys together to access the default Settings program then click Devices.


2.    Select the Mouse section in the left pane of the Device Settings page. Go to the corresponding right pane and click Additional Mouse Options under Related Settings (see screenshot below).


3.    Once the Mouse Properties window appears on the PC screen, switch to the Pointer Options tab.

4.    In the Pointer Motion section, you can see an option and a slider, “Select a Pointer Speed”. Moving it forward will increase sensitivity while dragging it backward will decrease it.


5.    When you have reached the desired sensitivity level, press Apply and then Ok at the bottom of the dialog box.

The sensitivity of the mouse will be changed to the speed you expect. There are some additional methods to change the sensitivity of the mouse in Windows 10, let us see them too.

Method 2: Adjusting the Sensitivity with Software Adjustment

The latest computers arrive with the high configuration so that the game's monsters can play PC video games. Exciting games like 1st degree shooting or strategy games require a super sensitive mouse. There is some software available on the net that allows users to configure the sensitivity of the mouse. In addition, third-party tools also allow you to adjust macros, lighting settings, and more. Remember, all of these things are not supported in every computer and not with every mouse.

Method 3: with an appropriate mouse pad

The sensitivity and precision of a mouse sometimes vary for the use of a mouse pad. Some mouse mats are made with a variety of textures and those made especially improve sensitivity, but these can be inexpensive as well. However, relatively affordable wafers are also available on the market. You can buy them and experiment with super sensitive mouse movements.

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