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Human capital is at our primary concerns

Our HR policy is innovative and ambitious and aims to guarantee social and human balance. The company builds its success by the success and achievement of its employees. This revelation guides our own human resources policy and makes the consolidation of the individual and collective skills of our teams a continuous objective.

Human Resources policy of is based on four main principles :

- Commitment :

• To present our work with affection and exigency to our clients and to be transparent in order to maintain their confidence.

- Competency :

• To be always curious and innovative
• To be attentive and patient with clients and to be flexible to each situation in order to present the most accurate solution.

- Sharing :

  • To work with respect and confidence in order to promote co-production.
  • To be solidary and charitable in a way that we share all our knowledge and all our strengths.

- Responsibility :

Respect, morals, and security are at the heart of our concerns in supporting our employees throughout their careers.