My environment...

your environment

Grass Birne "The environment is everyones concern", you can hear that not infrequently and many roll their eyes. In fact, this is a type of message, to appeal the sense of responsibility of all people to express no better.
In a world where every action triggers a reaction, any pollution of the soil has a direct impact on our lives and our lifestyle, you should always reconsider any attitude, if it is not aligned with the nature.

Electronic products make life easier in many areas, but they consume electricity or energy.
As the production of energy unfortunately still associated in our time with natural stresses, it is necessary to reduce the power consumption to a minimum.

We are a dealer of this responsibility more than aware and go when advising customers purposefully on this topic. The best way to easily and efficiently to respect the consumer to its environment, products targeted to buy and before buying aware of energy consumption (energy efficiency classes) to make new electrical appliances. Our common goal should be to equip nationwide UK households with energy-saving equipment.

Your Wallet

Who still buys older equipment with high energy consumption only because of thrift, ultimately saves on the wrong end. With the lower consumption, you save money with energy-efficient products in the long term - even if these are to purchase sometimes more expensive than units with higher energy consumption. And by this you also protect the environment.