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Windows 7 Home Premium

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Windows 7 Professional

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Windows 7 Ultimate

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Do the things you do every day more easily with improved desktop browsing.

Start programs faster and easier, and quickly finds the documents you use most often.

Safely navigate the web faster and easier with Internet Explorer 8.

Watch and record the TV on your PC

Easily create a home network and connect your PC to a printer with Home Group.

Run many Windows XP programs with the XP World

Connect to corporate networks easily and securely.

Recover your data easily with automatic backup of your home network and your corporate network

Help protect data on your PC and removable storage devices from the risk of loss or theft with BitLocker.

Work with the language of your choice among the 35 languages.

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Windows 7 is the seventh generation of Microsoft operating systems.

Windows 7 made the difference with its flexibility and the comfort of use . More secure, more efficient, better connected and less resource intensive than its predecessors.

Windows 7: a powerful Operating System

Windows 7 is developed to consume less system resources and to be less memory intensive to provide the most comforting user experience possible. Windows 7 is also supposed to run many functions faster than earlier Windows versions.

Windows 7: The Reinvented Home Screen

Windows 7 also brings many new features to the desktop while keeping the usage habits implemented since Windows XP. Windows 7 designs with bigger, more accessible buttons and full-screen previews. Thus, Windows 7 will give you the ability to pin your favorite programs to the classic task bar or to the Start menu, transforming it into a clone of the Mac OS X Dock.

Windows 7 is more ergonomic, easy to use, more efficient and full of innovations to make your life easier!

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